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summercoursesudk 14.04.2016 22:38

Creative Non-Fiction Workshop: City Writing @Universität der Künste Berlin
Liebe Community,

ich möchte euch auf einen spannenden Workshop im Rahmen der diesjährigen Berlin Summer University of the Arts an der Universität der Künste Berlin aufmerksam machen. Journalisten, Schriftsteller oder Blogger können sich praktischen Input holen.

Creative Non-Fiction Workshop: City Writing
25.07.2016 – 02.08.2016

Application Deadline: 22.06.2016
Lecturer: Joseph Pearson

How to write polished non-fiction about Berlin? How to summon the desires and exhilaration of city life on the printed page? Participants workshop their own essays - conjuring the senses of Berlin - to imagine the metropolis differently through their own words.

This non-fiction city-writing workshop explores the metropolis of Berlin. The workshop is especially suited to journalists, short and long-form literary writers, bloggers, travel writers and diarists, students of essay writing, and those simply interested in producing polished written work. Workshop participants explore the city and aim to translate those experiences to the printed page in the form of the contemporary essay. Creative non-fiction is a flexible form, and students are encouraged to find their own vehicle for summoning the metropolis in words.

Alle Zeitangaben in WEZ +2. Es ist jetzt 21:35 Uhr.

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