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Alt 03.07.2000, 19:14   #1
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Standard German Justice

For the English Forum, I could not access.

Leads Germany's judiciary power to Neo-Nazism?

Bribery in Germany

supposed there is no explanation with common sense for any happened unlawful judgment in Germany and in a lodged appeal agains the decision the accused has added the possibility the cause of such an intentional unlawful judgment can be a case of bribery, the accused get sentenced in summary procedure w/o any hearing w/o any investigation for 30 days detention Az. 320 Cs 205 Js 44677/99.
A trial in court follows, supposed the accused was able to lodge an appeal. While that trial the accused can plead and move what he/she wants, but all motions for will be dismissed as out of law and the frame up continues even there is no evidence submitted and the prepared penalty will be kept up.
Such a procedure of justice, get practised today in Germany again, known from the Middle Ages and time of the Nazis.
It is much more incredible to know the accused is disabled on hardness of hearing and is not able to follow the judical procedure, the motion for assistance by an assigned counsel got dismissed, the female prosecutor Strassburger speaking a bad German language unable to complexe sentences in syntax, she stuttered and conjugated predicates in wrong way, she even hasn't had the evidential writing on her folder of the case where the text is written the accused should be framed up for, but she filed the charges against the accused.
An increase of penalty took place, because the accused got previously convicted w/o his knowledge by the same judge Danker for a similar case Az. 320 Cs 804 Js 51399/98 where the date of lodged appeal's entry against the decision got falsified by the court for one day and the record of telefax entries got destroyed or hidden to make it reasonable for the court to allege the lodged appeal was lapsed of time and so the judgment got a legally binding w/o any trial, w/o any investigation and w/o any hearing.
It seems as a kind of ethnic cleaning, if disabled people get framed up with false accusation to sentence, who are to be on social welfare in age of 60 years, and it is known according a study which says the expectation of life for people who belong that group counts 8 years less than non-disabled population and it is clear such as justice is not to suffer for people in that age w/o taking health damages.
The democracy of Germany moves out so fare that local Newspaper is in the hand of that political structure, because called for asisstance the female member Ludwig of the Bildzeitung Halle promised assistance and presence in trial made the accused trusting her to get help, but w/o any information the accused was left behind alone on the day of trial on the regional trial court Halle on June 2.2000 in trial by that nazi-similar justice procedure.
The cause of that case was following: the judge Brünning..... on the same regional trial court refused to obey the law committed the crime of falsification the move for release social welfare from the bank that was transfered by the office for social welfare to the appeallant's bank account Az. 104 C 6629/99 and the same judge dismissed the falsified move and the appeallant added on the statement of reasons to the appeal against the dismissal " ...perhaps the judge was bribed".
Causal reason for the appeallant's move was a illegal backdated order of attachment issued by the Revenue Office and the bank's illegal denial of money release, because the bank Sparkasse Halle was not allowed to confiscate social welfare.
The order of attachment caused illegally too, because the state has issued an illegal law in violation the constitution, because it is contitutional prohibited retroaction of any legislation, the execution against the appeallant by increasing the motor vehicle taxes failed because of his unemployment. and missing income. The appeallant hanging on social welfare scrapped his 13 years old car and filed a complaint for exemption to pay for the unconstitutional lawenforcement, the complainant was not allowed to be present in trial on appellate tax tribunal Finanzgericht Dessau and the case II 721/97 Violation the Constitution got dismissed, any legal remedy was not allowed, the case against execution the title Az. II 772/97 got dismissed, the financial supreme court Bundesfinanzhof Az. VII B 143/99 confirmed the dismissal of the complaint and the President of the Federal Republik of Germany dismissed the Petition for Mercy Az. Z 3-000 10-10703/99 because of incompetence, after a second move was admitted a probably competence, but no action.
The accused is unemployed, because the labour exchange office defeats every move to get an employment and after continued educational training as experienced engineer to an technical CAD-Designer and specialist for data-processing his profile got erased on the data bank of the Federal Office of Labor with alleged data security reason. After filing a case against the labour office a falsified profile as a engineer was working 2 years of his life only instead of 30 years got taken on into the data bank again to assure each procurement for employment on labormarket will be defeated.
He is dependent on social welfare, because of his former selfemployment und following job in a developing country w/o any social security and w/o payment for social insurance for Gerrmany and thats why there is no legal claim of unemployment benefit.
It has been happen to him, because the job abroad issued for him by Central Labor Agency Frankfurt got withdrawn by the same office after his arrival abroad in 3 cases and later employees told him, it happened because he didn't pay under the table to embassy and the CIM.
That's Germany today . How many people have to suffer the same that is to estimate only..
Volkmar Neumann
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