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Recherchefragen - Investigativ In diesem Forum geht es um die journalistische Recherche. Recherchefragen Informationen, Kooperationspartner, alle Themen zur Recherche.

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Standard Neues "Gorleben/Aarhus" für/gegen die A

Folgendes von meinen Freunden in Canberra erhalten:

"From: "Ben Donnelly" <flapjack@hotkey.net.au>
To: <leftlink@vicnet.net.au>

Lucas Heights Reactor Tent City!

Local residents have expressed outrage at ANSTO's and the Federal
Government's lack of community consultation and education about the
for the new nuclear reactor. Many people are concerned for their safety,
given that there is no adequate procedure in place in the event of a
nuclear accident.

Inspired by the response of the local community, anti-nuclear activists
have established a Tent Village to raise awareness about the reactor and
its impacts on the local area. It is also their aim to bring to people's
attention the Federal Government's plan to dump Lucas Heights nuclear
on Aboriginal land in South Australia (Billa Kalina). The Tent Village
will spend the week disseminating information, culminating in a public
forum on Friday evening.

The Tent Village participants demand three things:
1. A Royal Commission in to the Federal Government's handling of the
approval process.
2. A full public disclosure by ANSTO of the real dangers a new reactor
would pose to local residents (including full details of past
3. A comprehensive health study into the effects of heightened levels
radioactivity around the reactor site.

This Saturday at the protest site the Reactor Community Forum will be
staged, including Lee Rhiannon, and ANSTO headkicker Helen Garnett.
many others. Stall and activities for kids are on aswell.

We encourage all activists and local residents to visit the Tent Village
find out more about these issues and show their support for the
cnr Princess Hwy and Cooper St Engadine.

An initiative of Sydney People Against a New Nuclear Reactor
(SPANNR),People Against a New Nuclear Reactor (PANNR), National Union of
Students (NUS), Jabiluka Action Group (JAG) Sydney, Friends of the Earth
(FoE) and members of the UWS Students Association.

CONTACTS: Natalie Stevens (SPANNR) 0414 336 800,
Jemma Bailey (NUS) 0409 319 070,
Jesse Wynhausen (NUS) 0415 161 911
Corrie Hodson, Tim O'Connor, Jim Johnson (UWS) 9772 6488

cnr Princess Hwy and Cooper St Engadine



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